Finding Direction

It’s been a long time since I have written anything; this has been mainly due to a lack of direction on my part.

I have been struggling for a little while now with where I want to go and what I want to do.

I have been an IT engineer for almost 30 years now, and to be honest I am getting sick of it. I have had enough, and would love to do something completely different. The trouble is, I have know idea what to do. So I must continue my career as an IT engineer to pay the bills.

Don’t get me wrong; I am very good at what I do, I just don’t enjoy it anymore. I lack the passion that I once had.

On a positive note, I am self-employed, so I can look for other options while I continue with my ‘real’ job.

20 years ago, I was very focused on what I wanted & where I wanted to go. I had a definite idea of what I wanted. As time has slipped by however, I never really got any closer to my dreams, and as such they have fallen by the wayside.

So in an attempt to get my life back on track I have decided to start taking some definite action and put some plans into place.

The starting point for that is this article, where I spell out for you my plan for finding direction in my life again.

So here we go:

  1. Start getting up half an hour before my family, so I can focus on my plan without any distractions. This may include:
  • Writing an article for example
  • Setting and reviewing personal & career goals
  • Researching ideas
  • Identifying my limitations for what is stopping me from moving forward
  • Putting together action plans to achieve my goals
  1. Put it all in writing. – This is where I probably went wrong 20 years ago. I knew what I wanted; I just didn’t put it all in writing. Having your goals in writing tends to make you a little more accountable.
  2. Create daily to do lists. – This can be done the night before, so as not to waste my time during my 30 minutes I have first thing in the morning.
  3. Create a “Not-to-do List” – This is so I can focus on what I should be doing rather than wasting time playing games, watching TV, and other non-productive tasks.
  4. Take time each evening to review my day, and write down all those things that I have managed to achieve.
  5. Share my thoughts, ideas and goals with a like-minded friend or family member (In my case, my wife). – This will again help keep me accountable and on track.
  6. Get involved with other successful people and share ideas and thoughts. – This may be difficult at first, but not impossible.
  7. Spend at least half a day per week on my new endeavors, so in time I can spend less time on my IT Engineering.
  8. Spend time studying success principles, such as Goal Setting, Time Management, Marketing, etc.

I will add to this list over time, but I believe that it is a good place to start from.

Taking these steps will allow me to identify what it is I want from life and help me put together a concrete plan to help me to achieve my goals and dreams and start living life to the full once again.


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What’s In It For Me???

I have just finished reading “Life’s Golden Ticket” by Brendon Burchard. This is a great book & I recommend it to anyone that is looking to turn their life around.

One of the biggest lessons I took from this book is about helping others.

So often, our mindset is all about what we can get out of a situation or relationship, rather than thinking about what you can give to a situation or relationship.

In many situations we tend to be quite selfish. we are always thinking, “What’s in it for me?”, we make many of our life’s decisions based on what we can get out of it.

Now here is a nasty surprise for you… Most other people are thinking the same way……

If everyone is looking at taking rather than giving, there is going to be very little transferred in a relationship. If you are always waiting for someone else to be friendly or take the initiative, you could be waiting a long time.

As it has been said, “It is better to give than receive”, or as Mark Victor Hansen has stated “Giving starts the receiving process.”

I believe, if you want to stand out and start getting the most out of your relationships, start looking at what you can give to the relationship rather than what you can get out of it.

Simple give a smile to a stranger, say hello to other people when you are out walking, say an enthusiastic thank you next time you purchase something, or listen to someone else’s problem or story, without having to put your two cents worth in.

One of my favourite quotes is by Zig Ziglar which is “Help enough other people get what they want & you can have everything in life that you want.”

It is simply the secret to true success. Help others!! Give more than they ask for. Give without the desire for something in return. Love unconditionally.

Yes, some others may take advantage of you, but the majority of people will respond to you in a positive way. In a way that will change your life for the better. And as for those that take advantage of you, smile & walk away…

To Your Success,

Rob Willis

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Above all Else be True to Thyself

Many years ago, I used to apologise for everything. It would always be sorry for this or sorry for that. One day a friend said to me “What are you sorry about?” Only doormats apologise for there mere existence.
It was then that I realised that I don’t have to be sorry for who I am. I am me, with so many of my own unique life experiences, and as such I need to be me, and not be sorry for it.

I am a unique person, with something to contribute to those around me. I have come through life in a way that no one else has every experienced. I am able to stand on my own two feet and shout, “I have something to offer.” “I am different to anyone else you have ever met.”

So stop apologising for your existence, for you have an insight into life that no one else can offer. You are able to see a situation from a unique viewpoint, which should not be shunned. To hold back on your opinion, is to be selfish. It is to deprive others of your unique point of view.

Even if you feel that others have no time for your opinions, you still have a responsibility to be true to yourself, and to be who you are, regardless of those around you. What is the point of being what others expect you to be? Surely by limiting yourself in this way, both you and others are missing out. Not only that, but your view of what you believe others expect of you is very often way off the mark, so rather than being dammed if your do or dammed if you don’t. Simply be yourself.

After all if you cannot be true to yourself, who can you be true to? How can you gain respect from others if you do not first have your own respect? And how can you have your own respect, if you are not first true to yourself.

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Get Over It!

Have you ever noticed that everyday events can inspire you, or perhaps reveal to you a life lesson?

I had one of these moments the other day at my son’s football game.

I had volunteered as the water boy during the game, which is a great opportunity to be part of the game, without all of the bumps & bruises.

One of the great advantages of being on the field during the game is that you can hear the players, umpires & spectators (ie both groups of supporters) comments, and it is amazing at how differently each group views each decision.

As the water boy I am doing a job & do not get drawn into the comments that are flying around. (It is a good thing that everyone does not hear the comments that the players are constantly throwing at each other).

Although I have always tried to instil into my boys that you should never boo or criticise an umpire, as they have to make quick decisions, based on the way that they see a particular passage of play, being on the field, does give you a different perspective to what is going on out there.

On this particular day, I must say that some of the decisions that the umpires made were not the way I viewed the situation, & I am not being biased, there were decisions that went against the opposition that I thought could have gone the other way.

But no matter how you look at it, the umpire’s decision is the umpire’s decision & there is no negotiation into the matter. Whether we think that is it right or wrong is irrelevant.

In saying this, both teams have the same umpire during the game, & it may seem that the umpire is biased in a particular direction, but if you ask the opposition what they thought of the umpiring, they would most likely agree that it was not favourable towards their team. (This obviously explains why both teams boo the umpires off the field).

But it occurred to me while I was out there that no matter what the umpire’s decision is, you must get on and continue playing the game to the best of your ability. Can you imagine if a player sat down in the middle of the ground, crossed his arms and refused to continue playing, because he didn’t like the umpire’s decision? He would soon be dragged of the field.

Don’t stress that a decision has not gone your way. It is not something you can control. Simply step up & make the next passage of play work to your advantage.

Again this week I was in the office & overheard someone complaining about something that had happened & they started to bitch & moan about it. I was immediately reminded about my son’s football game & thought, “if you are unable to directly control the situation, move on & work around it.”

There are so many things that come our way that we have no control of, & we must recognise these & re-devise our plans & goals. Although we do have a great influence on our futures, we cannot control every variable, and as such we need to adjust our course to work around each obstacle.

This of course is the main premise of the serenity prayer. “Lord grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.” – Reinhold Niebuhr.

There is a great book I read recently called “The Last Lecture” by Randy Pausch. Randy died recently of Pancreatic cancer. I highly recommend that you get a copy of this book as well as watch the lecture at his website, or at youtube.

One of the great quotes that Randy makes during The Last Lecture is “The brick walls are there for a reason. They’re not there to keep us out. The brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something.”

Most people are dealt the same cards in life, however it is not the circumstances that dictate the result it is our reactions to them. In life we can choose to respond or react. We can choose to complain about the weather, or we can pick up an umbrella on the way out.

I like the quote from Billy Connoly, “There is no such thing as bad weather, only a bad choice in clothing.”

And that is so true. We so often grumble about things we have no control over, rather than being grateful for what we have & work with the things that we can control.

There is a line in the song My Thanksgiving by Don Henley, which goes “Have you noticed that an angry man, can only get so far. Until he reconciles the way he thinks things ought to be, with the way things are.”

So rather than complain, act! Take action to turn the situation around to something that you can control.

At the end of the day it is all a matter of attitude, as has been said by many people before me. But that is a subject for another day.

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How to Find Success – The Power of Action

It is so easy to read the books, listen to the tapes, and even change your way of thinking, but when you find that still nothing happens. You ask yourself, “What am I doing wrong?”; “Why am I not making my millions?”; “Why is my life the same as it has always been?”; “What else must I do to make a difference in my life?”

The operative word in that last sentence is the word “DO”. You must take action. You must start putting some of the stuff you have read and learnt into practice. You already know everything you need to know to achieve success. You just don’t know that you know.

You can read all of the success books available today and still never make a difference in you life if you don’t take action.

But how? You ask. Simply start where you are. We all have ideas & dreams about how we want to succeed. Some of those dreams are big & grand, which is great. Keep your big dreams, but don’t forget the small ones. You must learn to walk before you can run. What is the point of having a goal of making a $1,000,000 if you cannot make $100? So many people fail on the big dreams because that is all they are focused on. They set a goal for $1,000,000, then get overwhelmed and fall by the wayside, because they have no idea about how to make that sort of money.

Quiz Question: If I was to challenge you to make $1,000,000 by the end of next week, could the average person do it? What if I was to challenge you to make $100 by the end of next week? Most people would be able to come up with something. All of us have something to sell, or are able to sell some kind of service to achieve that goal.

Well that there is the secret. That is everything you need to know in a nutshell. Simply take action and start with something small. You will find as you start moving you will be able to make $100 in a day. Then you will find that making $1000 in a week is not that difficult. Then from there we head towards $5,000, then $10,000.

All of this will take time, but you will also find that it will lead you down the road to success. Start small so you don’t get too overwhelmed too quickly. Learn the small stuff, and the big stuff will come. 85% of effort is in getting started, learning the ropes. Making that first $100. Then from here, as you start gaining momentum, you will find the last 15% will just come.

To climb to the top of a ladder, we must step on the bottom rung. If you have long legs maybe you can step straight up to the second rung. But the point is, you are not going to get anywhere if you don’t take that first step. Take Action. Make a start. It doesn’t matter what you do, just do it.

Success will always be determined by whether or not you take that first step.

Not only is Faith without Works dead, but Goals without Action are also useless. For more ideas about bringing greater success to your life, be sure to visit Success Newsletters and download your free Success Action Guide.

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The Power Behind Goal Setting – Desire

Do you have a goal that you are working towards? Is it a financial goal, or a health goal? Or maybe a business or personal goal, like writing a book? Having a goal is step one to achieving success, but to put power into that goal, to increase the chances of achieving your goal, you must infuse your heart with desire.

Without desire, I could write down a hundred goals and still not achieve a thing. It is desire that is the driving force to help you get what you want in life. Not just a “Yeah that would be nice” kind of desire, but a focused burning desire. The kind of desire that has you thinking about your goal constantly. The kind of desire that has your mind working in overtime, working out ways to achieve your goals.

It is only when desire to achieve consumes your every waking moment, that you will start to move forward. It is this sort of desire that turns dreams into reality. Desire forces you into action to follow your dreams. It is desire that will see you through the hard times when all looks lost. Desire does not understand failure. Desire will find another way to help you achieve your goal.

So how do you cultivate desire? How do you turn a goal into a burning passion? Simply Focus. Think about the goal that you want to achieve. Close your eyes and see with vivid detail that goal in you possession. If your goal is a new house, imagine yourself walking through the front door, and giving your family & friends a guided tour through each room of the house. Imagine your day-to-day life here. Getting out of bed, having breakfast, spending time with your family. Or if your goal is to make $1,000,000. Imagine your bank statement. Imagine the individual deposits that have been made along the way. Imagine the feeling that you have with that final deposit that pushes you over the $1,000,000 mark. Or if you goal is to get a University degree, imagine wearing your graduation gown and being handed your degree. Imagine your friends and family in the audience, the smiles on their faces. The more specific you are to detail, the more real it will be to you. Make sure you see yourself in detail within your imagination.

As you focus on your goals and you can imagine clearly what you want, write down how you feel. Write down in detail how you imagine things to pan out for you. Then repeat this exercise regularly. Keep imagining having achieved your goal, until you think about it constantly. Keep thinking about it until you cannot imagine your life without it. It is then that desire will kick in. When your goals start to permeate your very being, it is then that you have the desire to achieve your goals. But you must protect that desire, by continuing to focus on your goals, and imagine there fruition.

When you want something bad enough, when your desire is strong enough, your mind will find a way to help you achieve your goals. Share your dream with your closest friends & loved ones. Share your dream with your success team. These are the people that will encourage you to achieve your goals. They can also help you to reach your goals.

Can you desire multiple goals at the same time? Of course! But make sure that your goals are not at conflict with each other. You will find that if your goals complement each other, you will find that you can achieve them quicker. But if they are in conflict, you will not achieve any of them.

As you start to cultivate your desire to achieve your goals you will be amazed to see the force that takes over. It will be like your goal and desire have a life of their own. You will see things starting to take place that may appear to be coincidental, but when you look at all these coincidences together, you will see that a greater force is taking control.

Dream big & cultivate your desires. This will bring you one step further down the road of success in your life.

You must own your Goals. They must be what you want and not someone else. For more great ideas on Success be sure to visit Success Newsletters and download your free Success Action Guide.

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The Two Core Ingredients of Success!

I have been planning on writing an article about the Number One Secret of Success for a few weeks now. However, as I have been putting my thoughts together on this, I find that there is not Just one Secret of Success, there is in actual fact two vital Secrets to Success.

Each of these two components are equally important, and without each other neither will move you forward towards your destination. You could say they are both sides of the same coin.

What are these secrets? In all honesty they are simply just common sense. The original thought of the Number One Secret of Success, I was going to write about the importance of taking Action. But as I thought about this in greater detail, I realized, that taking action is pointless, unless you combine that with Goal Setting.

The way I see it, is without Goal setting, Action is meaningless, as is Goal setting without Action.

To take Action without a clear direction, will simply have you moving around in circles without getting anywhere. And conversely, setting goals without taking action is simply dreaming.

Taking Action without a goal can be compared to a ship without a rudder, you will be lucky to get out of the harbor, and if you do, you will probably end up at the bottom of the ocean.

And Goals without Action can be likened to planning a holiday, but then not getting out of bed. You can hope and dream all you like, but until you make a move, you are not going anywhere.

Now if you combine these two components, you will find yourself with the most powerful tool imaginable. You will be able to achieve anything you set your mind to. You will be able to scale the highest peaks, or travel the longest paths.

Setting Goals and creating a plan to achieve those goals is only step one of the process. Taking action and making that first step, will move you closer to your goals, and with each step, you will be given strength to take the next step. With a clear direction, the hard tasks suddenly become a whole lot more easier, because you now have a reason and purpose.

You will also find that goal setting becomes a whole lot more enjoyable, because you know that you have what it takes to achieve those goals. Your dreams are now no more pie in the sky, but rather something that is attainable, because you know the secret of goal setting which is action.

So as I hope I have clearly explained, Action without Goals is dead, as is Goals without Action is just as futile.

Set your goals, plan your life and then take massive action to move forward to achieve your every hearts desire.

To Your Success,

Rob Willis

Action and Goal Setting are two sides to the same coin. You cannot have true success without both of these components.
For other great ideas on Success be sure to visit Success Newsletters and download your free Success Action Guide.

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Misguided about Success

For years I have considered myself a “Student of Success”, I have spent thousands of dollars on Success books, CD’s, DVD’s, Self Improvement programs. Heck I even listened to & read some of this stuff.

Now I constantly listen to different programs every day while driving to and from work, and I loved having a conversation with someone about success principles & personal development. However, that was about all I would do. I would talk & listen, but seldom do.

As stated before, if I was truly a “Student of Success”, then I deserve a big fat F.

I recently read a report by Derek Gehl of the Internet Marketing Centre, titled “Prerequisites to Success”. Whoa, now did this report rock my world. You see Derek described two groups of individuals in this report. One was the Internet Entrepreneur & the other is the Serial “Get-rich-quick” opportunity seeker. Derek had a check list for each of these, and although I felt I scored high in the Internet Entrepreneur list, I also scored way too high in the “Get-rich-quick” group.

Talk about a wakeup call. I realised that even though I was listening to all the right stuff, I was not putting it into action. Funnily enough, one of the reasons I kept buying new programs was that I was looking for that one missing key that would take me to the next level. And all the time it was staring me in the face.

That key was simply, Stop Playing Games & start taking action. A good part of my problem was that I would start on one CD or program & then something else would grab my attention, so I would get sidetracked elsewhere, never finishing off one any of them.

And then when I did listen to a CD all of the way through, I just went on to the next one, & then the next one after that. What I need to do is stop just listening, but study this material, digest it, take notes & then make a plan to implement this into my life immediately.

On the positive side of all of this, I have accumulated a lot of great programs over the years. I have programs by Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, Earl Nightingale, Pat Mesiti, Tony Robbins, just to name a few. So the task now is to go back to the basics, and start truly studying this material.

I know that we would all love to have success handed to us on a platter, but that is not how it works. As Earl Nightingale says, it is like the man that sits in front of the fire & says “Give me heat & then I will put on the wood.” It does not work that way. In order to achieve we must first do the work. If anyone wants to get ahead in life they must put in the hard yards. Some things will be easy, but that will be because you have already laid the groundwork.

I don’t know if you have seen the International hit DVD, “The Secret” (This is another program I have in my library). As good as some of the concepts in this program are, it is still missing a vital ingredient, and that is work, or action. You see we live in a “Fast Food” society. We all want things now. We don’t want to have to do the work that is required to achieve. That is one of the reasons that The Secret is so popular, because it basically tells you that you can have anything you want, just by thinking about it. But there is so much more to do.

The Secret has been great in bringing Personal Development to the world as a whole, and there are some absolutely fantastic teachers featured in this program. But don’t fool yourself in believing that simply by thinking, wonderful things will happen.

Now I fully believe in the Law of Attraction, and positive thoughts do have a powerful impact in your life. However you must follow it up with action. Even the Bible states that Faith without works is useless.

Now I know that I have sidetracked a little here, but it helps to show what my mindset was. I wanted something for nothing. I wanted to go through the proverbial revolving door of life on someone else’s push. But all I found was that I was stuck in the door & going around & around in circles.

To get ahead, you must move ahead. You must stop playing games, & start doing something differently. Don’t just read a book, or listen to a CD, devour them. Write notes, make & action plan, & then get going. Start writing a journal every day & make sure you hold yourself accountable for your life. Nobody else is, it is up to you & you alone.

So if you are happy spinning your wheels & fooling yourself that sitting back & cruising in life is fine for you, that’s great, but get out of the way & let those of us who want to take charge of our lives plough on through.

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